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Feb 21, 2013 09:16 AM

Rye, cynar, grapefruit bitters, citrus twist- does this have a name?

I've been really enjoying a cocktail I came up with when experimenting with Cynar. Basically, I took my standard manhattan (2 oz Rittenhouse rye, 1 oz Carpano, angostura bitters, Luxardo cherry) and swapped in Cynar for the Carpano. (I originally did half and half, but I liked the emphasis on the Cynar.) Then I realized that Cynar reminds me a lot of a darker, richer Campari and Campari goes great with grapefruit, so I subbed in grapefruit bitters for the Angostura, which really brightened up the drink. Finally, the cherry seemed inappropriate so I ended up using an orange zest twist. It's delicious - kind of like a boulevardier, but darker and stronger.

Anyone know if there's a name for this? I'm assuming others have probably followed the same logic and arrived at a similar drink.

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  1. The closest analogues I could find were the Peralta

    or the Philabuster

    But both have additional ingredients. Submit it, and call it the Monopod!

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      Perhaps I shall. That Philabuster sounds pretty delicious, will have to give that one a try this eve (and it's a good excuse to pick up a bottle of Cocchi Americano).

    2. Sounds similar to a Little Italy. I agree on the grapefruit + Cynar pairing. I think that using a flamed grapefruit peel garnish would be awesome here.