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I might be overlooking any recent discussions, but I was thinking...

Where are the best wing spots in the Boston/Cambridge area? Don't have to be from a restaurant, but I can't remember the last time I had really good ones.

I am a gross fan of the Sidebars Pterodactyl (baby wings) and Rome Pizza actually makes up a really good batch for a delivery spot.

I would be curious to hear form other CHs

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  1. I will add - I liked Buff's Pub - but they didnt live up to the hype

    1. There's a lot of good press for the wings at Golden Garden in Belmont, but they are made with an Asian take.... not your Frank's Red Hot and Butter..

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        I was going to post about Golden Garden's spicy wings as well. Bonus is that the portion is quite large for an appetizer. I once got just the 2 appetizers of green bean noodles and spicy wings, and that was plenty for lunch.

      2. I like the S&S wings at the S&S in Inman Sq.

        I also love the wings at Buff's Pub. Make sure to ask for them extra crispy.

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          I did - a couple of times- and they came out shriveled up and dry with an eraser like density. And when I don't they come out a little flabby and missing a little of that deep fried chicken skin flavor that makes wings great to me.

          Buff's is ok when I'm in the mood for wings as their buffalo sauce is good, but the fry job still needs a little work for me to consider them great.

          1. Buff's if I want to go out...City Slicker if I want delivery.
            DooWee & Rice also makes super crispy wings...only got them once with the spicy soy glaze, but they were great.

            1. Non-traditional suggestion, but I had the chicken lollipops at West on Centre a few weeks back and they were awesome. They push the meat up the (drumstick) bone so they are clean to grab, hence the lollipop name. Meaty, tasty, pricey. $12 and it might have been 8 or 10 drumsticks. They come in Honey BBQ and Buffalo.

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                Lord Hobo also has some pretty awesome chicken lollipops on their menu. Super crispy, with a nice sweet chili sauce.

              2. I gotta say, the wings at Trina's are really good~! They are called Spicy Starlite Wings - I don't find them particular spicy - but I'm a heat junkie - but they are delicious! I could eat two plates of them.


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                  I was going to say Parlor Sports has solid wings, same kitchen as Trina's, but not sure if the same selection...

                2. I know it is totally a different food, but the boneless wings at MaMagoo's near Fresh Pond are the best I have ever had. I keep meaning to try the bone-in wings but I love the others so much that I can't pass a chance to eat them. The boneless ones are breaded in house, very meaty, and have medium heat buffalo sauce. I also have this strange habit of putting honey mustard on my wings and MaMagoo's has amazing honey mustard too. I can't vouch for the traditional wings but if I give them a try I'll let you know. In the meantime, if you like a boneless wing, try them.


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                    Haven't been there in years, but yeah that honey mustard is really good stuff.

                  2. Not in your area but after living in upstate NY for 7 years, the buffalo style wings i have had in MA have been at The Black Sheep Tavern on rt12 in Sterling. They have some inferno ones made with ghost peppers if you are really adventurous. (i cant eat those ones)

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                      hargau, sorry if you have answered this question before but where is it that is in the greater Boston area (not sterling or sturbridge or.....)where you have liked the wings? btw, my scovel tolerance is nowhere near yours, so the hotness of the sauce is not my goal, just the flavor is. Thanks.

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                        I dont live in that area so i dont know. I have been to buffs a few times though. While I love wings its tough for me to motivate to make a 45min each way pilgrimage into Boston just to try some wings that may or may not be any good. especially when i know where to get ones i like close by. (likely the same reason you dont go to Sterling!)

                    2. Bon Chon's soy garlic is my current favorite.

                      If you're going to Newton, I would recommend going to Cherry Tree over Buff's, which I don't care for much for textural reasons. Blue cheese is subpar (normal stuff) at both locations.

                      Speaking of that, anyone know where to get a crispy buffalo wing with a really good quality blue cheese? It's very rare that I get one or the other. Then again if you want buffalo wings, you can easily make them better at home than anywhere I've been to. Just fry to desired texture/doneness, follow direction on back of Frank's bottle for sauce, and get some Marie's blue cheese and throw some extra crumbles in for good measure.

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                        don't know if it counts as Boston area, but Wendell's in Norton is darn good. Oddly, Harry's pub on Commonwealth and Kelton is better than average, though not in the "great" category.

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                          +1 for Bon Chon's wings. Really good!

                        2. It's a bit of a schlep, but 15 Walnut in Hamilton has some of the best wings I've ever had. For some reason they usually aren't on the Dinner menu, but they'll make them on request.

                          1. Hot and Spicy Bon Chon for me.
                            Also the Moxie wings at Strip-T's, and the spicy wings at S & I Thai are also worthy.

                            1. I'm a Buffs fan but if you venture to Quincy some day, Coops has some garlic Parmesan wings that are off the charts good.

                              1. I think the dry-style wings (flavors that entail a dry rub rather than a wet sauce...Cajun, Garlic-Parm, etc.) at Wings Over Somerville are excellent.

                                The Salt-and-Pepper Spicy Wings at both Vinh Sun and New Jumbo Seafood are great, but they tend to undercook them, so I always ask for extra well-done at both. Tossed with chopped fresh green chilies and toasty garlic.

                                Honestly, the unfussy buffalo wings at JJ Foley's (I've had them at the South End location) have aways been pretty solid.

                                1. BUFFS SUCKS!!!

                                  Ten wings were small and when I asked what kind of sauce they used they said Frank's Red Hot. You can get that at any supermarket around? How can small wings with a commercial sauce be considered the best of Boston?

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                                    While I agree that small wings generally are usually overcooked and not nearly as good as larger wings, it was my understanding that Frank's Red Hot is the traditional sauce used to make Buffalo wings.

                                    I looked at Anchor Bar's website. Their recipe uses "Frank & Teresa's" hot sauce. Not sure what that is.

                                    1. re: observor

                                      You do realize what the ingredients of classic buffalo sauce are, right?

                                        1. re: sekelmaan

                                          And what brand of hot sauce is commonly used? Keep in mind that I'm responding to observor's indignation above.

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                                        Quite frankly, if they weren't using Frank's Red Hot, they weren't serving actual buffalo wings. That's what they're made with. Butter and Frank's Red Hot.

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                                          So, if there is a generic formula to buffalo wing sauce, please explain to me what makes Buffs so unique as to be the "best of Boston"

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                                            I personally dont think Buffs are very good. Maybe I am spoiled from having lived in Rochester for 7 years but to me just about any corner pizza joint in upstate ny makes wings as good if not better than buffs. Usually better.

                                            And while I agree that Franks is often used for wings, i think what makes many wing places stand out is their own sauces or doctoring up of the Franks sauces. I like my wings hot and even straight Franks with no butter is mild to me.

                                            As for Anchor Bar, i have been there and didnt think they were anything special. I guess they claim to have invented the buffalo wing. They have their own line of sauces. http://www.anchorbar.com/product_info...

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                                              I've never been to Buff's, but the folks I know who are fans of the place usually get their "hot honey BBQ" or something like that. And there's a lot to be said for how wings are cooked -- anyone can thaw out some frozen wings and toss them in Red Hot, but when a place serves them up fresh, crispy, and well cooked, it makes a huge difference.

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                                                Indeed. The fry job of a standard buffalo wing is where the quality really lies.

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                                                  Well, the wings were small...what defense is there for that. All I heard about were Buff's wings...I must have missed out on the heyday.

                                          2. I just had TR Street Food's Korean Barbecue wings. Very much like Bon Chon, and had great flavor. The sauce was a bit sweeter than I usually go for, but loved the fry job. Crispy, yet moist.