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Feb 21, 2013 08:23 AM

Seeking Nut-Free Restuarant in San Francisco

Hi all - I have to provide a meal for someone this evening that was provided in a nut-free kitchen, or at least is 100% nut free. Any suggestions? There does not seem to be any good lists for this out there yet.


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  1. All nuts even pine? Check Korean or Sushi.

    1. Hi First time poster!

      Interesting question. I had a friend who required nut-free, and someone in my college class died tragically and visibly of a nut allergy.

      The problem with "100% nut free kitchen" request is - how are you going to trust them? Even if they say they are nut free - for example, that woman who died in college was told her chili was nut free, but it was thickened with peanut butter. She asked, trusted, and literally died.

      My friend who is highly allergic said she simply didn't trust anyone, carried an epipen everywhere, and asked people for no nuts but also relaxed a little - and often dined socially but only had iced tea - she ended up surviving college.

      Call sushi bars and ask them if they are nut free? You might get the truth, you might not. (see previous statement about chinese restaurants and vegetarian - if it doesn't say vegetarian over the door, I have sometimes got - "this dish vegetarian - you eat pork, ok?")

      Upshot - I've never heard of a restaurant in the greater SF area making such a claim. Vegan places tend to use a lot of nuts. Meat places tend to be omnivorous. I think I would have heard of a 100% nut free kitchen.

      1. You might want to try Pica Pica: It is a gluten free restaurant. In my experience, restaurants that are knowledgeable in general about food allergies will be very careful with any allergy.

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          Their hallacas, a Venezuelan tamale available around Christmastime, has almonds in it.

        2. There are a lot of nuts in San Francisco. I don't think restaurants are allowed to discriminate against them.