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Feb 21, 2013 07:41 AM

White Cermic Pans

Just bought 2 sautee pans from the Palm Restaurant line of cookware that Marshall's TJ Maxx sells. They are white ceramic and say they are eco friendly. Does anybody know what that means? Are they safe for ingestion? I use non stick to reheat leftovers and scramble or fry eggs, but I have an electric stove and don't generally use a setting higher than 4 on a dial of low 2-8 High.

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  1. <They are white ceramic and say they are eco friendly. >

    You mean that it is like metal exterior and ceramic interior cookware, right?

    These are ceramic nonstick pans, which are different than Telfon PTFE nonstick pans. They are often marketed as the green pans or eco pans. They are just merely marketing terms. They are no really more green or more eco friendly in my opinion.

    They are safe to cook on.