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Feb 21, 2013 07:36 AM

New Kosher Pizza- 56th and Madison (NYC)

This was in yesterday's NY Times:

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  1. From the article>>>

    "Finding flour and San Marzano tomatoes that were kosher was a challenge, Mr. Adriani said, but the mozzarella and ricotta are made in-house."

    Its hard to find kosher flour???

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    1. re: seikoloco

      They are apparently using a high end pizza flour. I imagine that could be hard to find kosher.

      1. re: avitrek

        Actually they use Molino Caputo flour, which is widely available in the US. Additionally there is a large variety of kosher San Marzano canned tomatoes in the US as well. The article was just a PR spin.

        1. re: jrfigo

          I've been looking all over for 00 pizza flour with a good hechsher. Is Molino Caputo flour actually kosher? No one lists it that way online...? Who certifies it?

    2. oh wow! I'M SO EXCITED! I just hope the pricing isn't so bad that we can rarely eat there.

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        1. I had a Margherita pizza today. Delicious! Menu attached.

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          1. re: jasonld

            So excited! Was it super crowded? Is there seating?

            1. re: PotatoPuff

              The restaurant has no seating of its own but it's located in the Sony Atrium which has seating available to the public.

              1. re: PotatoPuff

                There were a decent number of people there, and that was around 2:45PM. It is a very small place, takeout only. It is right next to Solo in the atrium of the Sony Building though; there is a large communal area right there with plenty of seating and tables. Photo attached of the storefront. You can see the head chef, pizzaiola Giulio Adriani in the center. Note that when I left about 10-15 minutes later, there were more people than in the photo. I must have gotten there at a small lull.

                1. re: jasonld

                  i was there today with my two kids. we had the margherita pizza and the funghi pizza - the cost was a little more than if we had stayed on avenue j, but tastewise you couldn't compare - the solo pizza was MUCH better. my kids - who, as kids, can be picky eaters - loved their pizza. (okay, fine, they picked off the basil - green scares them). there was plenty of seating in the atrium, and it was nice to not be sitting on top of the other diners in the atrium, as so often happens in flatbush-boro park pizza shops. a great shushan purim excursion, and will definitely be going back!

            2. Stopped in today - I'm slipping, being that I only made it for day #2. (Actually, I looked in a few weeks back while they were remodeling.) The pizza was great. First, the dough is excellent - a bit of chewiness with just a wisp of char. The sauce is brighter than any pizza sauce I have had locally and the cheese is very good, though I believe that mine was missing the promised parmesan. There were too few fried basil leaves for my tastes but the couple I received were welcome. I devoured the entire thing quite quickly (not including the box) because I do not know how long the neighborhood will sustain a high end kosher pizza shop. I look forward to trying several of the varieties on the menu.

              The kale caesar salad was only disappointing in that it was not made with any kale, much less the advertized black kale. Nonetheless, it was tasty and I would be happy with another. If I had any comments it would be that the lemon-garlic dressing could use a bit more lemon and some pepper.

              1. What are their hours? And what is the actual name of the restaurant?

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                  1. re: ahuva

                    Actually it's official name is "Pizza da Solo" (de is Spanish, da is Italian).

                    1. re: ahuva

                      Thanks ahuva! Any word as to if it is open motzei shabbat?