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Feb 21, 2013 07:23 AM

Where can I make reservations for group of 10+ on weekend

My birthday's coming up and I'm trying to organize something but apparently it's impossible in this city. My original plan was to make reservations for this weekend at The Harbord Room for a group of 10. After some drinks and dinner, we would then go to The Black Hoof for more drinks. But Harbord Room doesn't take reservations, and neither do a lot of other places. The last place I tried was C'est What. It's nice and big and has a little bit of something for everyone. But nope, they don't do reservations either.

So, ideas? Suggestions? I thought of going to The Drake for both dinner and post-dinner party, but they do fixed menu for groups of more than 8. Their cheapest option is $45, and when you add drinks and tax and tip to that, it's more than $90 per head. I don't mind--it's my birthday after alll--but some friends might.

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  1. The Saint takes reservations and may be able to host a group of that size.

    You could do a suckling pig at Bestellen for a group that size. I believe it is around $50 pp.

    A place like Buca could manage a group of that size and takes reservations but you'll be up around $100 pp with drinks.

    Le Select would manage a group that large and takes reservations but I believe it would be a set or limited menu.

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    1. re: JennaBean

      For Bestellen, is that $50 pp. just for the pig? Or you're including appetizer + drinks?

      I was actually looking at Bestellen. The only thing that's holding me from making reservations is that a lot of reviews say it's very very loud.

      1. re: sepandee

        I think you need to give 3 days notice for the pig anyway.

        1. re: sepandee

          It is for the pig and side dishes. No app's or drinks in that price but I overlooked that you were looking for this weekend. You do need to give them min three days’ notice.

          You'll be hard pressed to get into any of the places that I suggested.

          Your best bet from the list would be Le Select as it is not as "hip" or trendy as the other places.

        1. re: ingloriouseater

          LOL, very last minute then too. Big parties are better off making a reso at least a week or two in advance...