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Where can I make reservations for group of 10+ on weekend

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My birthday's coming up and I'm trying to organize something but apparently it's impossible in this city. My original plan was to make reservations for this weekend at The Harbord Room for a group of 10. After some drinks and dinner, we would then go to The Black Hoof for more drinks. But Harbord Room doesn't take reservations, and neither do a lot of other places. The last place I tried was C'est What. It's nice and big and has a little bit of something for everyone. But nope, they don't do reservations either.

So, ideas? Suggestions? I thought of going to The Drake for both dinner and post-dinner party, but they do fixed menu for groups of more than 8. Their cheapest option is $45, and when you add drinks and tax and tip to that, it's more than $90 per head. I don't mind--it's my birthday after alll--but some friends might.

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  1. The Saint takes reservations and may be able to host a group of that size.

    You could do a suckling pig at Bestellen for a group that size. I believe it is around $50 pp.

    A place like Buca could manage a group of that size and takes reservations but you'll be up around $100 pp with drinks.

    Le Select would manage a group that large and takes reservations but I believe it would be a set or limited menu.

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      For Bestellen, is that $50 pp. just for the pig? Or you're including appetizer + drinks?

      I was actually looking at Bestellen. The only thing that's holding me from making reservations is that a lot of reviews say it's very very loud.

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        I think you need to give 3 days notice for the pig anyway.

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          It is for the pig and side dishes. No app's or drinks in that price but I overlooked that you were looking for this weekend. You do need to give them min three days’ notice.

          You'll be hard pressed to get into any of the places that I suggested.

          Your best bet from the list would be Le Select as it is not as "hip" or trendy as the other places.

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          LOL, very last minute then too. Big parties are better off making a reso at least a week or two in advance...