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Feb 21, 2013 07:00 AM

Oak Lawn ideas

I mean to trek to Chicago soon to check out an accordion shop in Oak Lawn, on 95th near Cicero. I thought I'd case ahead to see about chowish places for lunch. Site searching indicates that Palermo's 95th is almost exactly at the same place. But as I'll be traveling solo, I might or might not wish to go to a sit-down family place like that. Other ideas to consider, too?

I'm partial to good ethnic foods of all sorts. Would kill to find a German-style Döner Kebab place....

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  1. Oak Lawn is weak in ethnic restaurants. To the west are some excellent Middle Eastern places: Al Mawal in Worth and Al Bawadi in Bridgeview. Not German style, but excellent.
    A bit closer to your location is Chi Tung in Evergreen Park (pan-Asian).

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      Thanks! I expect to be coming into and out of the Oak Lawn/Cicero area from the southeast, so things along the way could be of interest, too.

    2. I'd either think about "chuck's southern comfort cafe," or, I'd head West to Harlem avenue for Middle Eastern which might be getting something close to a Donoer Kebab place, though definitely not the same. Some of the best mid eastern joints are not gonna be far away at all as camusman suggested