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Feb 21, 2013 06:36 AM

Short Review of New Curry House Coco Ichibanya Location

The new Curry House Coco Ichibanya location had its grand opening last night in Brentwood. We had the pork cutlet (regular spicy level) and thin sliced work with mushroom (spicy level 3) curries. Probably should have tried something other than two pork dishes, but I was a bit let down. The food was good and the portions were more than enough, but I thought that the curry really wasn't all that different from what you can get boxed in any Asian grocery store and wasn't worth the price. I'll probably try it again to give their other type of curry a try, but I was really hoping it would be more worthwhile since its close to home. For opening night (and the next few days) they were giving away few mugs. Does anyone who has tried one of their other locations have a recommendation for anything noteworthy on their menu?

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  1. Oh, that's too bad. I was also hoping for something good close to home (and that's different from the other food available in the immediate area!). I'll still probably give it a try, though....

    1. wrote about this in the other thread but yeah, don't expect too much from cocoichi.

      i find that the flavor of the curry is different enough from the boxed one, which i can't say for curry house.

      the reason why it's popular in japan is because of the customization. personally i like chicken cutlet with cheese, i think the pork cutlet isn't that good.

      1. Went there yesterday. Service was polite and brisk. My partner had the eggplant curry, which seriously came w/ perhaps 8 rather small slices of eggplant. It tasted fine, but I don't think it's something I would order again (since it seems like something you could make fairly easily at home).

        I had the minced beef cutlet. Perhaps my expectations were suitably low b/c of the previous thread on the place, but I thought it was actually pretty good. The crust wasn't too hard or oily, and the meat on the interior didn't seem overcooked. Portion size seemed quite generous for this order.

        Overall, I think it's decent, fast-food curry.

        1. After trying their locations in Japan, I had no intentions of trying any branch here. It's just not that good.

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            It took me about 4 tries of the Torrance outlet before I decided not to go back again, ever. I just don't find much depth to their curries, and I'm never super happy with the service or the overall experience.

          2. small serving, spice level zero, crispy chicken, and carrots (3x serving), and i'm a happy camper.