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Feb 21, 2013 05:17 AM

Lunch near 400 and 7 for today?

She who must be obeyed is dragging me up to the Hwy 400 and 7 area to look at carpets.
Need a reco for lunch in that area. Price or type doesn't matter as long as it is tasty. Help.

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  1. Kogenei Japanese Restaurant. They serve great sushi and really nice grilled fish.

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    1. There is a great veal sandwich place at Weston/7 (s/w corner). I think it's called Panini.

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      1. re: principessa del pisello

        That's right, and a California Sandwiches on the NW corner of Weston and 7. If you like chains, there's a Milestones just West of Weston Road on the North Side and Moxie's just East of Weston on the South side. There are also a bunch of Italian Restaurants on the East side of Weston, just North of 7

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          Italian would be good. Can you name a good one or two? Thanks.

          1. re: DUH CAR

            I'm not sure if they're open for lunch but Zafferano's @ 8633 Weston Road or Desserts Plus @ 8611 Weston Road

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              There's even Grazie on Rutherford just West of Jane

        2. Little bit west of where you're going to be, but Centre Street Deli has one of, if not the best Montreal smoke meat sandwiches in Toronto.

          Ask for the Old Fashioned, done medium-fat. It's at Centre and Bathurst.

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            1. re: biggreenmatt

              Centre St Deli would be EAST of Hwy 7 & 400.

            2. Zafferano's was great! Thanks. Argula salad, polenta three ways and beet gnocchi.

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