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Feb 21, 2013 01:27 AM

what is a pop up business?

ok i am admittedly out of the loop

is it a quickly raised business to make fast buck maybe?

I never heard the term until recently and was wondering what it meant.

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  1. It generally refers to a temporary business, usually retail, that "pops up" quickly, for a limited time. Often used to test a new concept, or take advantage of a temporary marketing opportunity, like a large crowd of people attending a limited duration event....Olympics, fashion week, etc.

    1. We see pop up businesses in malls. Spaces that are currently empty and for a short term are leased to sell retail goods until the owner of the space has a permanent tenant. Around the holidays pop ups selling Christmas trinkets are very common. New owners often test out their product line in pop up mode while sourcing space or just to test consumer reaction to their goods. Some businesses have made a full on career of space hoping.

      1. I've seen it referred to here as a visiting chef who takes over a restaurant on a given night. To me, that is not a "pop up" business but a visiting chef, but I've increasingly seen it referred to that way.

        1. Right after Hurricane Sandy a number of restaurant chefs that were shut out of their kitchens showed up as pop up chefs elsewhere and restaurants that survived the storm offered pop up nights so that customers could enjoy meals prepared by their favorite chefs. So, in that context the recent use of pop up chefs has been pretty common.

          1. Around here we freqently see "pop-up businesses" around holidays - Halloween & Xmas in particular.

            At Halloween, many retail shopping center owners who have unleased shop space will rent it out short-term (like just for the month of October) for Halloween costume/decoration retailers. And at Christmas, roadside Xmas tree/greenery sellers are considered "pop-up" businesses.

            On a non-holiday, food-oriented theme - "pop-up" restaurants have been coming into vogue the last couple of years in urban areas. This is where a chef - sometimes a very well-known one - leases out space for a relatively short period (anywhere from just a couple of months to a year) & opens a small-seating restaurant. Sometimes it's just to try new stuff, sometimes it has a theme, etc., etc., but after the specified time period, it closes; frequently to open up somewhere else with a different venue.

            I really don't see the draw, but the few I heard of - I seem to recall being in NY & DC - really packed them in while they were open, especially since it was well-publicized that they would only be around for a limited time only.