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Feb 20, 2013 10:13 PM

Why Junk Food is Addictive (NYT article)


This is a rather long, but also rather intriguing and eye-opening article from the NYT about why we're addicted to sugar, salt and fat... and the role the food industry has played in keeping it that way

I found it fascinating reading. I'd be interested to hear what others think

  1. It's been alleged before, but this guy seems to have gotten a hold of more than a few smoking guns - industry insiders, documents, etc. I may read the entire book. What truly sickens me is the fact that they continue to push this crap outside the U.S. I travel all over the world, mostly developing countries, and the amount of sugary snacks and drinks consumed is appalling. The kids have rotten teeth in countries where dental care is not as abundant as it is here.

    In the wonderful city of Cuenca, Ecuador, I was stunned to see diabetes clinics on every other street corner. I walked into a mall and there was an American-style food court with every brand of American junk food and lots of big Ecuadorian tummys. I wanted to stand up on a table and apologize for our food imperialism. It is just a slower form of giving the "peoples-who-were-here-before-the-Europeans" blankets infected with smallpox.

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