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Feb 20, 2013 09:47 PM

Budget cupcakes?

Does anyone have suggestions for the best bang for the buck cupcakes in manhattan? Need over 100 cupcakes for a children's event. Thanks!

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  1. By happy coincidence, some of the best cupcakes in the city also happen to be some of the cheapest:

    (Note, I can't vouch for their $1 mini cupcakes, but their regular cupcakes are among my favorite.)

    1. Agree, for the price, Sugar Sweet Sunshine are the obvious pick. They offer a good assortment of child friendly flavors too.

      Eleni's discounts cupcakes after 5pm or something like that. Pre-ordering is probably the better idea however.

      I would also think that when you buy in bulk you can get a reduced price. I'd try Georgetown or Billy's for a larger order.