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Feb 20, 2013 09:44 PM

Nice Tapas place for a first date?

I'm going on a first date this Sat. and thought it would be fun to share some Tapas.

The only place I know of/have enjoyed is "Alta."

I would appreciate any other suggestions for tasty Tapas and a nice, romantic atmosphere. Thanks in advance!

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  1. For a first date, I think Nai in the East Village would be fun. It's not particularly expensive in terms of tapas and they have some great specials on pitchers and half pitchers of sangria (albeit not particularly strong). The food is solid and the experience was enjoyable the last time I was there.

    Pata Negra, also in the East Village, is a really small but really great tapas place with lots of wines. Their tapas list is quite short but all the dishes that we had were great, so it's good if you have trouble making decisions. Our waiter was just the right amount of entertaining and the atmosphere is quite cozy and romantic (in my opinion).

    1. We like Pipa on E 19 St. On some nights they have live music and Flamenco dancers.

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        I think Pipa is closed. I believe they are remodeling/renaming the restaurant.

        I like Pata Negra and Nai (was actually at Nai for a first date last week). Nai has actual tables but it brighter and louder, while Pata Negra has only high top tables but is a bit smaller and darker.

      2. I'd check out Salinas - both tapas and larger plates should the mood strikes you. Creative, great chef-driven place. Txikito is worth a look, and Casa Mono and Tertulia are good as well, but I find Salinas has a more relaxed / romantic atmosphere.

        Mike Colameco did a pretty good show on them last year you can watch here, if you've got a little time to kill:

        1. I like Kana Tapas Bar on Spring - near West Side Highway. It's a small place with exposed brick - small bar in the front. Good food. Mellow - but fun. On the weekends around 11pm they remove all the tables and play great spanish music. Turns into a big dance party.

          1. Thank you for all the great suggestions! I tried to reserve Nai, but they are completely booked that night. Instead, I made reservations at Txikito and Salinas, will check out the menus more closely and choose one.

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              Funny, we were thinking of going to Salinas this Saturday ourselves, but we managed to score an elusive Saturday Babbo reservation so... Salinas next week for us.

              As to Salinas vs. Txikito... it's not like you'd have a bad meal at either. Both are creative, delicious. Probably my two favorite Spanish / tapas places in the city. Normally I'd say base your decision on what neighborhood you'd want to hang out in afterwards, but they're only, like, four blocks apart. I tend to like Salinas a little more for seafood and fideos, and Txikito for meatier fare, especially offal - if your date is game for things like blood sausage, tripe, etc, they could be a lot of fun.

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                Thanks for the tip! Looks like Salinas may be a safer bet as it's a first date and I have no idea about her likes/dislikes when it comes to food.

                Enjoy Babbo, it's always great!

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                  Well, it's not like Txikito doesn't have lots of other good things! That's just one aspect that differentiates them.

                  (Since you have no idea on her likes/dislikes.... we'll just hope she doesn't turn out to be a surprise vegetarian, whichever you wind up at...)