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Apr 5, 2006 01:13 PM

new HL in Roseville [Sac]

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There is a new Hoa Luan bakery/noodle place on Douglas in Roseville, CA (Sacto-area). They call it HL cafe or some variant of that, but it's the same chain found near SF in Sacramento.

Unfortunately, their menu differs greatly from the one in SF. They don't even have Pho!!! :-( They are catering to American tastes. Their bubble tea are more like smoothies and have too much sugar compare to the one in SF. I was dissappointed to find that they are catering to American favors. Fortunately, the grill pork is still the same and very good. Also, the bakery still serves sandwiches and desserts that are more like SF, but limited in terms of items.

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  1. Total rip off of TK noodle in So. Sac. Even the menu items are the same numbers.

    1. It turns out they have shutdown and are out of business. Apparently, the owner has skipped out of town and neglated to pay the rental bills. D'oh

      Well, it wasn't the greatest of places, but it was the best thing in Roseville. Gotta go to South Sac now!

      1. Hoa Luan... are you serious... its called HUONG LAN. Same as the one in san jose & south sacramento.... If you think im wrong check their logo... PLUS its called HL Noodles & Sandwiches. The owner did not skipp out of town or all 4 of there shops would close down... And its not a rip off of TK noodles... tk noodles. suck badly