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Feb 20, 2013 07:55 PM

Eating a animal that had a name.

At a dinner I was invited to last weekend a young lamb named Ohhbama was served.Very delicious.It was a little different for me eating a animal with a name. I'm sure some of you have eaten a animal that had a name. Did it bother you just a little bit?

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  1. Was this at a Republican party?

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    1. When we were first married, we lived in a small rural community. The best time to get meat was after the fair, the 4-H kids were pictured proudly with their animals, and the ribbons won, above the meat; the local grocery store bought many of the animals.
      Not sure if they had names or not.

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        Grocery stores buy the 4-H livestock at the NC state fair as well. The prize winning cattle frequently sell for as much as $30K a head (a teen with a knack for picking a good calf and raising it well can easily pay for college that way). I have no doubt those animals are named. I did 4-H as a kid, and while I focused on gardening and cooking, my peers raising livestock definitely named the animals. The girls in particular were very close to the animals and treated them as pets. We were all well aware of what happened after the fair, but for kids who grew up on or around farms, it was just a normal part of life.

        1. re: mpjmph

          the one that made me choke on my coffee -- I had a customer who worked out of a building on his farm. His son was raising a bull for 4-H, and had chosen an animal of the Limousin race.

          The name? Cadillac.

          1. re: sunshine842

            I always take a little time to watch the 4-H livestock shows at the fair. The young (8-10 y/o) girls are almost universally better handlers of livestock than the older girls and boys of all ages. I once mention it to my mother, and she said it is because those young girls spend every Friday and Saturday night sleeping with the barn with the "babies" and feed them by hand almost daily. The animals follow them around like puppies.

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            My SIL grew up on a farm and had a 4-H heifer named Martha. They ate her. I don't think the hogs she showed were named however. I think it might be more difficult to eat a smaller animal that is named such as poultry or rabbits.

          1. My neighbor had a large farm and many cattle which she named. One of the cows broke a leg and had to be destroyed. She said its name was Dilly and she was going to have her ground up into hamburger and give us Dilly burgers. I couldn't eat them.

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            1. re: marymac

              Every year we'd slaughter the baby Jersey bull calves at about two months. All the meat was made into hamburger patties. My little girl used to name one of them 'Big Mac' each year. "What's for dinner darling?"
              "Big Macs". LOL

              1. Years ago, on our family farm, we had a steer named Stanley.
                We ate him, no problem.

                I also had an Iguana named Dex that died a natural death and I didn't eat him.