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Feb 20, 2013 07:43 PM

Tempaniaki or Other Kobe Steak in Tokyo

My 9 year old son and I are going to Tokyo in March and I need some serious advice. This is my fifth time going to Japan and I have never truly had a great steak experience outside of my time in Kyoto and Osaka.

My questions is hopefully a simple one. I would like a recommendation for one truly great japanese style (either Tempaniaki or other) steak experience. I want great beef and I am willing to pay for it. That said, it doesn't need to be crazy expensive. I am looking for authentic and not touristy. I want a place that a Japanese person would go to.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. It's called "teppanyaki".

    1. You cant go wrong with Ukai-tei. It is high end teppanyaki. There are quite a few branches, its Ginza and Omotasendo branches are michelin starred. Personally, I found its yokohama branch most impressive. For set menu, (which are quite filling and expect seafood in addition to beef) you are looking at a price range between 10500-16800 yen. In addition to their beef, their abalone teppanyaki is also quite impressive.
      Alternately, you might also look at Imahan. ( It is also a chain and runs its own meat store. In additional to teppanyaki, they also serve sukiyaki. (beef dipped in egg + sweetened sauce


      Incidentally, for sukiyaki, I would recommend Hiyama at Nihhonbashi. It also has its own meat store and serves very traditional Japanese sukiyaki.

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        I always enjoy a good tempaniaki in Omotasendo.

      2. Thanks for the feedback. Can you recommend any places that aren't a set menu? I think that a la carte might be a better option for my son...

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          "places that aren't a set menu"? A set menu is the format teppanyaki comes in, so it's a bit unusual to go a la carte (unless you are supplementing the set menu with some a la carte choices).

          Having said that, Omae XEX has a fairly extensive a la carte menu. Here is a review, I think the address is at the end:

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            UKai-tei has a la carte. Teppanyaki restaruatns usually do.