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Feb 20, 2013 07:40 PM

Seville oranges toronto

Did I miss them this year? Has anybody seen them around town? Would love to make some marmalade. Thanks

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  1. There might be a few stragglers left. Made mine nearly a month ago. Try Highland Farms or some of the Danforth stores. It's kinda late.

    1. There were some this evening at Longo's at Maple Leaf Sq.

      1. Just make sure they're not soft at the stem end or light for their size--skip 'em if that's the case. Nick the rind with a finger nail--should be an unsubtle burst of intense orange aroma. They don't have the shelf life of navels.

        1. Just got some at Highland Farm on Ellesmere and Kennedy. $1.99/lb

          1. 2014 Sevilles are in.
            Longos York Mills and Leslie $1.99/lb
            Highland Farms Kennedy and Ellesmere $1.69/lb

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              Almost gone at Highland Farms Mississauga. Got mine late last week, doing the "cook" tonight.