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Maraschino syrup

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I have a recipe calling for Maraschino syrup. Is it bottled or do I have to buy the cherries and drain it off? Where would I buy it?

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  1. Bottled.

    It's used primarily in cocktails.

      1. You should be able to find a small bottle in the grocery where cocktail mixers and sodas are sold. You can't miss it, dark cherry color liquid.

        1. This one looks great but the shipping price is insane, $11.95 for two bottles. That's more than the cost of the syrup. :(

          1. Update: After running all over Manhattan with no success, I followed a hunch and found it at Kalustyan's. Mind you, it lists for ~$3.50 and I had to shell out $5.99 ("if you didn't buy it at Kalustyan's, you didn't pay enough) but I didn't have much choice and at least the brand uses cane sugar and natural flavoring. I was happy to find it.

            1. There is a cherry syrup called Grenadine that they sell at liquor stores that you could have used if you couldn't find a jar of Maraschino cherries. But the syrup in a jar of those cherries is fine as a substitute for grenadine. Honestly, there would be no need to buy both, if you were using it for a cocktail - especially if it called for a cherry garnish in addition to the syrup.

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                Grenadine is pomegranate, more viscous, and isn't going to give the same flavor if substituted for maraschino juice/syrup in a recipe. Anyhow, if I'm not mistaken, the liquid used to pack maraschino cherries (at least the ones made here in the States, not the authentic marascas that Luxardo sells) contains at least some almond flavoring which I'm pretty sure grenadine lacks.

                I think the point of the thread is that the OP (like me) only needs the juice and would prefer not to buy the cherries. The juice/syrup on its own is available for that very reason.



                The brand I found is called Twin Tree Gardens. It's labeled "syrup" but is very thin and the same lurid red color as the cherries. As mentioned previously, at least the flavor is natural.