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Feb 20, 2013 04:57 PM

Berlin Birthday Dinner - Katz Orange vs. Noto

Hi all,
My sweetie pie is having his birthday this weekend... He wanted to keep it really mellow so it's just the two of us, and we aren't going full-tilt on a luxe dining experience this time. Katz Orange and Noto came to mind as places we've been wanting to try that might fit the bill. We've been curious about both restaurants for a while, but I'm a little concerned that Katz Orange has gotten too hyped and will be disappointing...
Any opinions and input would be greatly appreciated on the current vibe of these restaurants! I have read a few posts on both spots which have piqued my interest, I am just looking to make a decision - or be conclusively convinced of a third option!

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  1. We celebrated our anniversary at Noi Quattro, a wonderful modern Italian restaurant near S├╝dstern.

    Not sure what kind of atmosphere you are looking for -- neither NoTo nor Katz are particularly, um, romantic... but maybe that's not what you want?

    I don't know what kiez you're located in, which would likely influence my suggestions. Have you been to Les Valseuses? Not very romantic, but *really* good French food for incredibly moderate prices.

    3 minutes might also be an option if you want to go the French route.

    I am also hesitant to comment on either Katz's or NoTo's "scene" these days, since I last ate there in July of last year. Who knows what's going on now.

    That said, judging from fairly recent reports on Katz here on the Europe board, the pig & fries still seem to deliver -- which is enough reason to go, IMO.

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      We don't really need romantic I don't think... Since he's a little shy about celebrating, it's better to keep it casual and all about the food. We have been making a lot of trips to Italy lately so I think we will wait of Noi Quattro, but definitely make a note for a future visit.

      What is 3 Minutes? I've never heard of that one. I have been curious about Les Valseuses too, but kind of thought we might make it for lunch sometime soon. We are in Neukolln, close to Kreuzberg, and are pretty flexible to travel wherever.

      Thanks for the assurance about the pig and fries - that certainly is good motivation!

      1. re: breakfastsandwich

        3 minutes is another French place with a higher price tag than Les Valseuses. It's located in Mitte on Torstr (where every new restaurant these days seems to be; NoTo is there as well).

        1. re: linguafood

          Higher price tag but comparable food? As a side note, who do you think does the best steak and frites in Berlin?

          Finally, I have to admit I feel a little crazy... I totally forgot that Noto is basically Italian (which, as I mentioned, we've had a lot of lately). I just checked their menu online and saw - risotto, ricotta, ravioli, etc. I think it'll be Katz Orange for now - will report back on how it goes!

          1. re: breakfastsandwich

            Entrec├┤te does a nice version, but Les Valseuses has a pretty awesome version of steak frites, too.

            I've only had a salad and a bouillabaisse at 3 minutes, both of which were good. But I have a soft spot for LV.

            Here's their FB page -- their weekly changing dishes consistently make me drool and wish I were over there...might help you decide :-)