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Feb 20, 2013 04:20 PM

"___ (insert restaurant, deli, eatery etc)___ has an outpost in NYC."

A visit to NYC is like a million visits in one - you get the classic NYC items, the hot new places.. and not to mention the mini trips to other parts of the world, via the various outposts that NYC has.

Thought I'd start a thread detailing the outposts that NYC has of various popular and/or famous eateries (restaurants, delis, cafes, food shoppes, etc). It's quite often I learn of an outpost that has opened, or has been around for a while, but doesn't get much mention here. Should be interesting to see just how many one didn't know existed til mentioned now.

Here are a few (very obvious ones) off the top of my head (please correct city of origin if I am incorrect):

* Laduree - Paris
* Aamans - Copenhagen
* Eataly - Torino
* Hospoda - branch from Ambiente Group, Prague
* Antica Pesa - Rome
* Blue Bottle Coffee - SF
* Stumptown - Portland
* Brasserie Pushkin - Moscow
* Eric Kayser - Paris
* Japadog - Vancouver
* La Maison du Chocolat - Paris
* Hakkasan - London
* Grom - Torino
* Ippudo - Fukuoka
* Mission Chinese - SF
* Pok Pok - Portland

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  1. Benoit - Paris
    Morimoto - Philadelphia
    Buddakan - Philadelphia
    Saravaanas - Chennai
    Minamoto Kitchoan - Tokyo

    I guess you could make the case that Per Se is an outpost of French Laundry in Yountville since they share many dishes.

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    1. re: MrGrumpy

      I thought the original Buddakan was in Paris.

      1. re: Phil Ogelos

        Maybe you're thinking of Buddha Bar?

    2. Moti Mahal Delux
      Giovanni Rana
      Don Antonio by Starita
      Cebichería La Mar

      Ken Oringer's Toro - Boston
      Ivan Ramen

      1. Milos - Montreal
        David's Tea - Toronto

        1. Please correct me if I'm wrong: I believe Vermillion started in Chicago, then opened the NYC branch.

          Edited to add: I also just read on Grub Street that Intelligentsia coffee is opening a shop in Chelsea in March.

          1. Jungsik - Seoul
            Ootoya - Tokyo
            Michel Cluizel - Paris
            Royce Chocolate - Sapporo
            Petrossian - Paris
            Maison Kayser - Paris
            Sushiden - Tokyo
            Bohemian - Tokyo
            Gyu-Kaku - Tokyo
            Inakaya - Tokyo
            Lady M - Tokyo(Papermoon,
            Beard Papa's - Osaka
            EATALY - Turin
            Fika - Stockholm
            BCD Tofu House - Seoul
            Tous Les Jours - Seoul
            Paris Baguette - Seoul
            Red Mango - Seoul
            Cafe Bene - Seoul
            Kyochon Chicken - Seoul
            Papabubble - Barcelona
            Vosges Haute Chocolate - Chicago
            Georgetown Cupcake - Washington DC
            Coffee Bean - Los Angeles

            Zuma - London