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Feb 20, 2013 04:05 PM

Hong Kong Waffles in LA?

Where to get them:

Besides Tasty Garden of course.

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    1. re: JeMange

      Hong Kong style waffle, called a "grid cake" or "grid biscuits" (格仔餅), is a waffle usually made and sold by street hawkers and eaten warm on the street. It is similar to a traditional waffle but larger, round in shape and divided into four quarters. It is usually served as a snack. Butter, peanut butter and sugar are spread on one side of the cooked waffle, and then it is folded into a semicircle to eat. Eggs, sugar and evaporated milk are used in the waffle recipes, giving them a sweet flavor. They are generally soft and not dense. Traditional Hong Kong style waffles are full of the flavor of yolk. Sometimes different flavors, such as chocolate and honey melon, are used in the recipe and create various colors. Another style of Hong Kong waffle is the eggette or gai daan jai (鷄蛋仔), which have a ball-shaped pattern.

    2. I believe all Lee's Sandwiches make them. But my go to place is usually Tasty Garden, I find its usually fresh and made to order or at least made very recently. Try dunking them in condensed milk if you're feeling gluttonous

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      1. re: Xan7hos

        They do, and they're green, and they're nothing like what weinermobile describes above.

      2. Aside from Tasty Garden, you can get HK Waffles at Fresh Roast on San Gabriel Bvld (x-road Broadway).

        Comes in different flavors too, from egg, to chocolate, to chocolate chip, to fruit, to coconut, to a combo of all of the above.

        1. ipsedixit beat me to Fresh Roast, and Cafe Spot in Alhambra has them as well.

          1. Available at Younique Cafe on Garvey in Monterey Park.