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Feb 20, 2013 04:05 PM

ISO Matcha Green tea and Sencha Green tea

Looking for good quality Matcha Green tea and Sencha Green tea.
I picked up Match green tea from teavana but at 35 bucks for 80 grams its too costly.In any case would like to know the options regardless of price range.

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  1. Heisei Mart in J-Town? Sencha shouldn't be that hard to find. Sanko on QueenW would be worth a visit.

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      Thanks , Kagemusha and jennjen18, I will check it out.

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        They keep the matcha behind the counter at sanko, so you have to ask for it.

      2. Heisei in J-town sells it quite cheap... but it's the boxed kind, but imported from Japan... about $2+ for a box of 12 or so?

        1. The cheaper stuff isn't any good. Try DoMatcha at the health food stores, that's the good stuff. Around $25 for the 30g ceremonial grade, but considering that lasts you two months (sixty servings), it's not all that pricey.

          1. Try Costco Kirkland brand Green Tea. It's produced by Ito-En and good quality. The tea is composed of Sencha leaves mixed with ground Matcha. There are 100 bags per box, and cost about $15/box.

            1. Not sure if this place at the JCCC is still afloat: