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Feb 20, 2013 02:58 PM

Fun Article on the State of Food (on) Television

Best article on the status of food on TV that I've read in a long time. Searing, acerbic, and oh, so on target

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  1. Thank you. What a terrific article!

    1. Great article. Here's what I can't stand about this whole "food TV" enterprise. Every- e.v.e.r.y- commercial on these shows supposedly highlighting talented chefs, or even talented home cooks, is for some disgusting processed food product. Is it possibly that no one from these networks sees the irony, or do they just feel that their audiences are too stupid to see the disconnect? I guess in a world of "semi-homemade," maybe it's actually not as much of a stretch as I would like to believe.

      On a totally different note, this is the funniest descriptor of any media personality I've read in ages: "Padma Lakshmi, that stoned and regal puma"

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        A disconnect between food programming and the advertising by food companies that keeps the programs and Food Network on the air? Now that's weird. And while you yourself may make every single thing you eat from scratch, most home cooks eat prepared foods as well as scratch. I don't feel that the Food Network advertisers disrespect me, then - but I do feel that about your comment.

      2. Very good article - thanks for sharing...

        1. I'm an Anthony Bourdain fan but there is a good deal of irony in his years of hitting those who sold out..given the game show of food tv he's hosting now.

          I do think you can find the gem program from time to time but given the advertisers of these shows I think it's much harder to be truly selective in what the hosts are preparing and sharing with their American audience. Processed food is a part of our food culture and even if we're (CH's) turned off, we aren't the kind of consumers advertisers are trying to reach.

          1. LOVE the description of Next Food Network Star as a "hubris-devouring succubus"

            Must work that phrase into daily conversation somehow.