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Feb 20, 2013 02:40 PM

Trotters and Tails Pot Pie? LQ @ Vertical in Pasadena Feb 24,25

Looks like Chef Quenioux is going heavy on the offal (hearts, gizzards, tongue). Looks great. Especially that trotters and tails pot pie! Wish I wasn't working and that Pasadena wasn't so far away.

Hope a few Hounds are going and can report back.

Below is the e-mail sent out:


Mise en Bouche

Lamb Heart Tartare Fresh Wasabi, Charred Uni, Brioche F.G., Apple Butter, Smoked Eel

1st Course

Black Mussels & Belize Shrimp Spring Roll, Smoked Dashi Gelee, Clementine Miso Curd, Pickled Celtuce, Sweet Potato Aji Chiles, Tobiko Oil

2nd Course

“Galinette”, Fava Beans Vanilla Smear, Lobster Broth, Fennel Jam, Anchovy Garlic Toast

3rd Course

Chinese Lion Peppers, Duck Leg Confit, Duck Gizzards, Duck Tongues, Duck Hearts, -8, Apricot Seed Dust

4th Course

Trotters and Tails Pot Pie, Truffles, Chanterelles, Salsify


Coconut Clove Bay Leaf Ice Cream, Chocolate Coffee Cardamom Crumb, Candiedkumquats, White Chocolate Coconut Mousse, Cocoa Nib Dacquoise

$48 per person

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  1. Going on the 25th.
    Unfortunately, almost all of my experiences with Chef Q involve a great deal of wine and the best I can provide as a post-summation is, "Mmmmngaaahhhhuhhhhm... (*drool*).
    Not sure if that's really a Chow-worthy review... ;)

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    1. re: FranklinJefferson

      Some pictures would do? ;-)

      I usually bring some wines also. $10 corkage isn't bad. It was nothing before but that just made me feel bad for bringing multiple bottles.

      Do you have any pairings in mind? Burgundy with that trotters and tails pot pie with truffles and chanterelles?

      1. re: Porthos

        For an additional $25, there's a wine pairing from Domaine LA. In the past, I've gone to Silverlake Wines with the menu in hand and they've put together some reeeeallly eclectic (and amazing) pairings but I want to see what Domaine and Jesse Brawner come up with...

        1. re: Porthos

          Since Porthos asked for pictures, pictures shall be had (apologies for bumping an old-ish thread). These are from the Feb 10 dinner as well as tonight's (24th).

          --Feb 10--
          1 (l-r) - Lamb Heart Tartare, Sea Snail Karaage, Mussel Congee
          2 (l-r) - Cold Parsnip Soup, Marin Miyagi Oyster w/ smoked Dashi Gelee and Celtuce, Wasabi Pommes Dauphine w/ Tobiko
          3 - Chorizo Hushpuppy, Anchovies, Arzak-style Poached Egg, Serrano Ham, Tomato, Wheat Crumbs
          4 - Duck Leg Confit Stuffed Shishito Peppers, Baby Carrots, Duck Heart, Duck Gizzard, Duck Tongue, Minus8 Vinegar, Apricot Seed Dust
          5 - Pig Trotter and Pig Tail Pot Pie, Chantrelle, Truffle, Salsify
          6 - Inside the pot pie
          7 - Bay Leaf and Clove Ice Cream, Roquefort, Pear, Green Lentil Jam, Crumble

          --Feb 24--
          8 (l-r) - Smoked Eel Brioche w/ Duck "Specialness(!)" and Apple Butter, Lamb Heart Tartare w/ Wasabi and Charred Uni
          9 - Black Mussel-Belize Shrimp Spring Roll, Mint, Pickled Celtuce, Clementine Miso, Sweet Potato Aji Chile Puree, Tobiko Oil, Smoked Dashi Gelee
          10 - "Galinette", Lobster Broth, Fennel Jam, Anchovy Garlic Toast, Fava Bean-Vanilla Puree (the menu said "galinette", but we think it was halibut...hence the quotes)
          11 - Cocount-Clove-Bay Leaf Ice Cream, Coffee-Chocolate-Cardamom Crumb, Candied Kumquat, White Chocolate Mousse, Cocao Nib Dacquoise

          The third and fourth courses were the same from 10th, but everything else tonight was different. I think tonight's dinner was even better than on the 10th.

          1. re: yangster

            Thanks for the excellent pictures and report!

            It all looks ridiculously good.

            Very jealous I couldn't make it but thanks for giving me a peek through photos.

            1. re: yangster

              Yow. So much for Meatless Mondays. The meal was comparable to a Melisse all-in a few weeks ago. Sacre bleu!

              Adding one pic of a different Lion Pepper preparation.

              1. re: revets2

                The meal was comparable to a Melisse all-in a few weeks ago. Sacre bleu!
                At about 1/10th the cost!

                Really sad I couldn't make this series.

        2. Perhaps the most important question: will there be cheese?

          Hope there's the option of walking in for the cheese cart only....

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          1. The mise en bouche, first, second, and dessert are different from the Feb 10 dinner. And the pot pie was as delicious as it sounds (and this coming from someone who hates mushrooms).

            1. Porthos you should have went. This was the best of the pop ups yet. It was comparable to his days at Bistro LQ. This was his first pop up with real kitchen and it showed. First course was just pure genius. Lamb heart tartare was wrapped in nori like maki and seasoned and cut in a way to mimic sushi rice in both flavor and texture. Topped with charred uni, this was just a beautiful interplay of flavor and texture. Mind blowing. The Foie pate seemed simple, relatively but the addition of the eel gave the dish complexity and creativity in flavor. Every subsequent dish was equally stunning in both flavor and texture and I would be hard pressed to choose one over the other. Surprisingly my least favorite dish was the pot pie which was underseasoned and a little too one note in rich flavor, though texturally great. Dessert was ridiculously good. The chocolate coffee cardamom crumb was just fantastic. Throughout the entire meal, I couldn't believe how creative the dishes were yet so balanced and delicious. I could never imagine how all those seemingly disparate components would come together. That is his true genius.

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              1. re: peppermonkey

                Love his cooking and creativity. Thanks for the detailed description and for making me feel worse about missing it! ;-)