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Feb 20, 2013 02:33 PM

How to clean Corning Ware?

I've been on a Corning Ware kick as of late. When visiting my local thrift stores, I've picked up a few of the old pyroceram pieces that are microwave/ range/ freezer/ stove safe.

Unfortunately, since they're so old, I'm having a hard time cleaning the baked on food or stains that their previous owners have left and were also unable to clean.

I've tried scrubbing with baking soda, and using a ceramic top cleaner. For the most part, I've been able to get rid of the metal marks, brown baked on stains, and other spots. Almost all of the pieces are back to their shiny state.

But there are some stains that are so stubborn I'm not sure how to clean. Do any of you have any tips that I could try to clean it?

I'm attaching a picture of the lasagna pan I picked up for $10! (So excited!) and its underside. The underside has a very stubborn black line along the crack that I can't get out. It looks like it's baked on sugar that's been baked and baked again.

Thanks so much

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  1. Have you tried using those oven cleaners like Easy-Off? If you have one, then give it a try. Good luck.

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      Oops. Didn't read before posting. Ah well, great minds think alike...

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        I have the ability to read your mind before you even know it.

    2. Try oven cleaner. I find, when all else fails, it does the trick.

      1. Thanks Chemicalkinetics and Nyleve. I did indeed try the ceramic top cleaner. Maybe I should give the oven cleaner (like Easyoff that you spray inside an oven) a shot?

        Since my post, I've tried soaking it in very hot water, using baking soda and vinegar together - all didn't work. Not sure what else to try.

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          Vinegar is unlikely to help in this specific case. Baking soda can help for mild cases, but you have already remove the easy part. Whatever you have left is tough.

          Oven cleaners are very aggressive, so hopefully it will help. Yes, Easy-off is good if you already have one. It is meant for removing burned-on greases and goods inside the oven, which is very similar to what you have now.

          Also try to use a plastic scarper if you have one. Metal scarpers are too aggressive and will scratch and possibility chip the corning ware.

        2. My husband, who is a cleanliness fanatic, uses Soft Scrub with bleach to remove stains from our French White Corning Ware.

          1. A scraper! Why did I not think of that. I've just tried the scraper on a small section of the black line and it comes off! I'll be scraping for a bit, but at least it'll hopefully come off.

            I'll report once more when I start getting going on the black line.

            Thank you so much

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              An old credit card works too if you cannot find a good plastic scarper. I would still try the oven cleaner to loosen up the burned mark. Then, you can use the plastic scarper. Good luck.