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Anchovies in salad dressing???

I found this recipe on Chow.

Now, I am a self-proclaimed redneck from Cornfield, Indiana. My only experience with anchovies has been on pizza . . . I am not a fan! Heck, I was a teenager before I realized that store-bought fish came in any other form than frozen fillets and fishsticks.

While my tastes have broadened, I'd say that I have limited tastes when it comes to fish. That said, can anyone tell me if the six anchovies in the noted vinaigrette will make it taste "fishy" ???

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  1. That is a huge amount of dressing, and though the dressing won't taste fishy, it will probably taste pretty good with lots of umami from the anchovies. You can smash the anchovies to a paste, which is the way I'd make this dressing.

    1. Start with 2 mashed, and taste. You can always add more.

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      1. I like the anchovy paste in a tube. Just quirt a little bit, then do as others say, taste it.

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          1. Walk before you run, try 3 fillets.

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              If you have any Thai fish sauce in your cabinet, you can use that to season the dressing a splash at a time.

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                Great idea! I do have fish sauce. Thanks.

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                  There's anchovies in that fish sauce! also in Worcestershire sauce. Bet you didn't know... ;)

            2. I've had many beers in cornfield, Indiana ....

              Smashed up anchovies in a salad dressing or a sauce taste way different than cheap canned anchovies on Indiana pizzas.

              It may taste a bit "fishy" but more that that it adds a savory/salty/nutty craveable taste. It's called umami and is considered the "fifth taste " after sweet, bitter, salty and sour.

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                  Did you ever go into a cornfield at night??? ~ It's amazing!!
                  On a warm, still night you can actually hear the corn growing...snapping and popping, etc. No kidding!

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                    Rural Shelby County; then Salem and Seymour.

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                        Have been in Charleston for 5yrs. I REALLY miss White Castles and breaded tenderloins.

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                          You can keep those White Castles, but I'm with you on the breaded tenderloins!

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                            Same here - skip the white castles, but, oh, boy.....BREADED TENDERLOINS!

                    1. Do you have access to white anchovies? They are a whole 'nother fishy. Well, kinda, but milder and richer.

                      1. Understand that the purpose of anchovies in most recipes is not 'fishiness', but umami, increased savoriness. In many recipes, a sauce will taste 'better' without any noticable fish taste. So start with just a bit, say one fillet. Then increase gradually. And the quality fo the anchovy is key. Iprefer salt-packed (and rinsed) to most canned.

                        1. Oh, and an anchovy dressing tastes best on a hearty salad, like the suggested bread salad, or bitter greens like dandelion or chopped romaine (the anchovies are good for counteracting bitterness). I wouldn't put it on something delicate like baby lettuces/spring mix. Also, get good quality anchovies from a specialty/gourmet store; cheap anchovies aren't too good.

                          1. Anchovies are a flavor bomb - usually you'd not know they were in the food.

                            For instance Cesar salad dressing. Whooster sauce, etc.

                            I agree with the others start with 3 and go from there - they'll break up and you won't know they're there.

                            FYI - When you put anchovies in stuff don't tell your friends