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Feb 20, 2013 01:36 PM

Little Serow Line

I want to try Little Serow and need some help understanding "the line." What time does one need to line-up on the weekend and how long does one wait? (ie - does the entire evening get "booked" by people arriving in line at 5pm - or earlier?).

Same ? for a weekday/not Friday.

Any tips on timing would be appreciated as this party of 2 is very flexible. We don't mind eating early or late.

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  1. I have found that at abut 6 p.m. it is possible to get your name down for a late seating, such as 10ish (which I think is ideal here; the meal seems less frantic then) -- but I can't guarantee that that is the case every evening, such as on a busy weekend night.

    1. We got in line at 4:45 pm yesterday (Friday) and there were already 30 people in front of us. By 5:30, when the door opened, there were another 30 behind us.

      A handful of people asked for a later seating and left. That allowed us to eat at the first seating, which we wanted. Only a few people after us were seated in the first wave. I think it was the most organized and the servers could space things properly, which gave them more time to chat. And the service is really good, at least during the first seating.

      My suggestion: If you want to eat at 5:30, be in line by 4:30. If you want to eat in the second seating, around 7ish, be in line by at least 5 pm, and that's probably pushing it for Saturday. If you're really flexible, just wander in around 6ish, but be aware that you'll need something to do for three or four hours before they text you.

      Note: There are 28 seats (three 4-tops, four 2-tops and an 8-person communal bar). The full meal (with drink pairing, which I highly recommend; two vermouths, two wines and two beers, one for each course) took about 80 to 90 minutes. Since there is no ordering or substitutions, it moves pretty smoothly. Worth the effort, in my opinion.

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        Thanks for posting the details. We haven't tried to go yet. We did discover that the same situation exists for Toki Underground on H Street - we showed up at 7 on a Saturday night thinking we'd have to wait an hour or so for a seat only to learn that the line started before 5 and the restaurant was fully booked for the night. Sat at the bar at Granville Moore's without waiting (table wait was a couple of hours) and thoroughly enjoyed it although I'm still pining for ramen.

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          Just want to follow up by saying you don't need to be there nearly as early midweek. 5:00 will sort you out just fine. Fri-Sat are a whole different ballgame though.

          1. re: ad.mich

            That's been my experience as well. Just 20-30 minutes ahead of time will be fine on a weeknight.