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Feb 20, 2013 12:48 PM

Lunch at Bite Groceteria (YYC): Very Tasty and a Very Good Deal

Bite Groceteria moved a month or so ago to new, bigger digs (1023 9th Ave. SE), and one of the new things they now offer is lunch, at the back of their new space. It's cafeteria-style, with a changing menu of about 3-4 mains (fish, pasta, meat) and a bunch of sides. There's lot of tables you can sit at, and they're very good at clearing your dishes as you finish with them. I just went today and left thinking it was both very tasty and a Very Good Deal, something I do not often have occasion to think in Calgary.
I ordered pork shoulder main, 2 sides (veg medley and scalloped potatoes) and a salad (you could also order a soup instead). For $13.50, inclusive. The pork was a tiny bit dry but with a lovely smokey flavor, and the potatoes were top-notch. They prepare your salad to order: you can see the options and you just tell the salad guy what you want in it. My companion ordered the Wagyu burger, which came with one side (he got fries), for $13.50. He said it was a great burger.

It seems as if it's all homemade (from the salad dressings to the desserts). And it flips from a Very Good Deal to utter fabulousness if you happen to have one of the coupons they've been offering on various deal sites lately. We did. I feel great: full, happy stomach and almost-full wallet.

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  1. I like the new space and the selection of foods but I disagree with the "good deal". My husband and I had two egg salad sandwiches, a small container of kale salad, a small pecan tart and a bottle of water, all for $31. $15 each isn't outrageous for lunch but the sandwich was pretty standard. I liked the kale salad a lot. I would go back but, just like the old location, I found their prices to be on the high side.

    Bonus: the guy who served me was really nice, unlike the old place, which always gave off a snobby vibe to me. I mean, I don't mind spending money on a specialty cooking item but why was nothing ever priced? The items on the shelf usually didn't have a price tag. It bugged me.

    Anyway, the new space is worth checking out. Bring money.

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      Am I right in thinking you ordered a la carte? Maybe the good deal is only if you order one of the lunches on the menu that day: a main, two sides, and soup or salad for $13.50 (no drink included). Desserts also seemed reasonable: $2.25 for various tarts (e.g., lemon, vanilla with fruit) and $3.75 for a slice of cheesecake.
      I agree that the grocery items themselves are expensive, especially the non-specialty items for specialty prices.