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Feb 20, 2013 12:33 PM

Restaurants in Buenos Aires

My husband and I will be in Buenos Aires for 2 nights beginning in March and we are looking for a couple of really great restaurants.We are a youngish late 60s couple and are looking for restaurants that are not just for the tourist...Hope you can help......Thanks, Merlie

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  1. Any budget? Types of food you are interested in? How will you be getting around? A little more info would be helpful!!

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      Thanks for the quick reply...No budget for these few days....We love steaks and seafood....looking for a more typical Argentinian restaurant..

      1. re: merlie1

        Seafood overall is pretty bad. Steak quality is way down, and sadly, La Brigada may have been permanently chopped off my list as of January.

        If you search for El Baqueano, I've eaten there twice in the past year-plus, and it was excellent. It isn't your typical BA dining experience, but it it is a great tasting menu of unusual items, and I think it is better than Pura Tierra, and has a lovely wine list.

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          Agreed on La Brigada; by far my most disappointing parilla experience on my trip last year.

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            It was the (arguably) best beef in the city a few years ago, and for several years running.

    2. Parilla Pena- old-school locals-only type spot, with food better than the tourist places for half the money. Do a search on this board, you'll see others singing its praises as well

      1. Thanks for the update on that.......Will check with the hotel for suggestions...

        1. Is La Cabrera still good? It *is* touristy but was a fun time a couple years ago.

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            It's OK- I prefer Parilla Pena, and then for the touristy steak place, Cabana Las Lilas. I would put it 3rd behind those 2.

          2. Hope you haven't already come and gone!

            Buenos Aires is full of interesting food. I wouldn't say its all good (basic food can be very, well, basic) but gastronomy has really stepped up its game recently in the city (lived here on and off for two years).

            La Cabrera is still very good and arguably the best part is the endless side dishes that they give you (salads, mashed potato/butternut squash, creamed spinach, zucchini gratin and beyond). Steaks are huge and more than enough to share when you add in all the sides. Provoleta (grilled cheese) is also delicious! Cheaper than Cabana las Lilas. Call to reserve or expect to wait (although with snacks and champagne).

            For a something totally different try out a closed door restaurant (or puerta cerrada). Its basically a reservations only meal with only a few people and the chef. Here is a bit more info on what that is exactly:

            Here is a an article that lists 5 puerta cerradas: I have only personally tried Casa Felix, but it was very good and interesting food.

            Another cuisine that shouldn't be missed is japanese/peruvian fusian or just upscale peruvian. Obviously the best place for this would be Peru, but we take what we can get. One of the better know places is Osaka, which is international. Delicious, but not cheap.
            Sipan and Astrid y Gastron are two of the better known and rated upscale peruvian places (although the latter is technically peruvian/french).

            And for more ideas take a look at this young woman's blog: Its got very good suggestions and should be 100% trusted for the most part.

            Hope that helps!