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Feb 20, 2013 12:32 PM

La Salette and Girl & the Fig - Lunch vs. Dinner [Sonoma]

Will be in Sonoma (town) in early April and trying to narrow down meals. We'd like to hit both Girl and the Fig and La Salette for a lunch and a dinner. Any opinions on whether one is better suited to lunch/dinner than the other? (If it matters, we're planning on lunch at El Molino Central and dinner at Cafe La Haye as well). Thanks!

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  1. I like LaSalette better for dinner and Girl and the Fig better for lunch. But maybe that's just because I like LaSalette better overall.

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    1. re: dkenworthy

      Was going to say the same thing DKenworthy said...

      Have a lighter lunch at G&F and save room for LaSalette...

      1. re: CarrieWas218

        Thank you both! That's just what we'll do. Unless we're missing a great spot that would be better than G&F all together?

        1. re: kristinndc

          Nah - you got the two best in Sonoma right there...

          1. re: kristinndc

            Unless you want a more "casual" lunch, you should have a good time at these 2, along with LaHaye and El Molino.

            I don't like to eat at restaurants every meal, so would be tempted to get a lunch and picnic. The weather is likely to be splendid in April. You can get sandwiches at Sonoma Market or Sonoma's Best and head up in the hills or up valley for a meal al fresco if the weather is cooperating. Have a great time.