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Feb 20, 2013 11:59 AM

Business Dinner Group of 10-14 Near Downtown Rennaisance

Any suggestions for an April business dinner not too much more than a 10 minute cab ride from the Downtown Renaisance?

Prefer anything that is uniquely DC but if there is no such thing just good food and an atmosphere where you can have a conversation. Private dining rooms would be a plus.

Pricewise...If Seasonal Pantry or Minibar is a "5" and McDOnald's is a "1", I am looking for a "3" or "4".

Thanks in advance

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  1. Both Acadiana and Brasserie Beck are not that far of a drive and have private rooms. Wonderful food---Acadiana is cajun/New Orleans inspired and Brasserie Beck is Belgium with a wonderful beer list.

    Both would work for what you are looking for.