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Feb 20, 2013 11:47 AM

Chiken Korma in London

I am looking for a good Chicken Korma in London. I prefer hole in the wall type restaurants more than than the white tablecloth variety, but I am willing to do either. I will be travelling by tube, so I need someplace fairly close to a tube stop (Me and Indian Food, well...).

I keep hearing about Tayyabs but I don't see Korma on their menu. Any other suggestions?

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  1. I'd always think of korma as being the sort of dish you find in a bog standard high street curry house, rather than one of the better places.

    However, I see it appears on the menu of Indian Zing, which has received a number of favourable mentions here. Not my part of the world, I'm afraid, so I don't know if it's a tablecloth place or not.

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      The best korma I've had was at Cinnamon Club in Westminster. It is certainly a white tablecloth kind of spot, but the food is generally excellent. They have a cheaper/less stuffy Soho location called Cinnamon Soho as well as a location in the city called Cinnamon Kitchen. I believe they have their terrific korma at Cinnamon Kitchen, and probably at Cinnamon Soho but I would call/check the website.

      Otherwise, if you're hole-in-the-wall obsessed head to Tayyabs/Needoo/Lahore, all in Whitechapel. They're Pakistani and whilst known for their grilled food, I believe Lahore is also known for their korma (and they're very cheap).

      If you want to combine your korma hunt with an interesting cultural experience take a train to Southall -- it's a massive Indian area -- like a North American bhanga town but 100X bigger with a huge high street populated solely by Indian businesses (It honestly feels like you're in a anglicized Indian city). The restaurant of note there is called Brilliant and is owned by North African Indians so am not sure if they have korma, but certainly somewhere in the area will.

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        h - korma is a legitimate indian dish which alas has nothing to do what the bangla curry house geniuses calle korma on their menus.

        exactly like vindaloo.

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          Agreed. Many places, when you ask for Chicken Korma, you get something that is either Butter Chicken with a few cashews and raisins thrown in (best case) or something wtih far too much turmeric and not much else (more common). But I was fortunate to have a couple of places around here that used to have a really great Korma. Unfortunately both have closed and I have yet to find a replacement.