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Feb 20, 2013 11:42 AM

ISO Buttermilk powder

I know Rainbow has buttermilk powder in bulk, but I'd like to find it pre-packaged (and closer to Nob Hill if possible). Whole Foods and TJs don't carry it in any form. Does yogurt make an acceptable substitute for buttermilk in baking and pancakes?

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  1. The second part of your question should be asked on the Home Cooking board.

    I've seen powdered buttermilk in cans. Also, buttermilk freezes pretty well if you want to buy a quart and freeze it in smaller amounts.

    1. I think you can find it at a regular grocery store like Safeway in the baking aisle. I have a tub by Saco.

      1. Saco buttermilk powder is carried by a bunch of California grocery chains. You can see the list on their website here:

        1. why go for pre-packaged? seems silly to NOT be able to get an amount determined by you? if you hop on the 27 bus, getting to rainbow is pretty darn easy.

          1. I know this isn't your question. But texture and flavor are better when you use buttermilk not made from powder.

            And re the second part of your question: yogurt and buttermilk are generally pretty interchangeable.