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Feb 20, 2013 11:38 AM

Pastrami Queen, 78th and Lex.

So I've passed by this place for months and months, and finally decided to stop in yesterday and try it. (To go). Place has a great retro look of the old Kosher-style delis that are few and far between these days. Staff very nice and helpful.

Got the pro forma pastrami on rye with russian dressing. Tore into it less than an hour later at home. WONDERFUL!!! Moist, thicker-cut meat, almost a pound of it (enough for 2) lots of pickles, and served on an absolutely GREAT NY Jewish rye bread.

So, much to my Doctor's chagrin, looks like this can become a regular stop when I pass by. Pastrami is my favorite, I never checked out if the turkey was real, right off the bone, or a processed version (yuk). Also want to try the soups.

A real throwback, nice to have it uptown, no need to trek down to Katz's which I think this place gives a run for their money. Pastrami sandwich was superb, almost perfect.

Anyone else made this nice discovery?

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  1. Thanks for the report. I pass Pastrami Queen every day on my way to work. Now that I don't have Sarge's, I'll check out Pastrami Queen.

    1. Gotta get up there and check it out. It's 40 blocks North of me but closer than Katz's.
      I am missing Sarge's more thant I would have expected.

      1. Good to hear about this place, must check it out, but may I ask:

        The menu says pastrami is $29.95 a pound. Do you really think they stuff the $14.95 sandwich with "almost a pound" of pastrami? That would certainly be the way to go if they do...or were you just in a pastrami stupor, and unable, therefore, to make an objective judgement?

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        1. re: gavspen

          I didn't weigh the sandwich, but it's pretty close to a pound, just judging by my hand. Also a half a sandwich is a meal. $30 bucks a pound is pretty steep, that's in the smoked salmon price region... Guess a sandwich is a much better value!

          Bread is great, btw, still savoring that as well!

          1. re: lemarais

            lemarais, thanks for the info.
            FYI: We just returned from Le Marais. What a fabulous neighborhood!!

        2. I made the mistake of having a corned beef sandwich at Pastrami Queen. It was terrible, but I hear the pastrami is very good.

          1. Glad you found this place. Very underrated, IMO. I'm not in that area often, and when I am, it's difficult to resist the siren call of that pastrami. Definitely among the best in the city, at least for kosher (the only kind I can vouch for, I'm afraid). Not cheap, to be sure, but as an occasional splurge, I think it's worth it.