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Feb 20, 2013 11:18 AM

Small cooking surface of Tramontina fry pans.

Just got a 10 piece set of Tramontina stainless clad cookware. It has 2 fry pans in sizes 10 and 12 inches. The 12 inch has a cooking surface of 8 inches and the 10 in. pan has a surface of 7 inches. This seems very small to me. It also says that the inside of the pans is supposed to have a mirror finish buts its actually a mat finish. Is this normal? Does anybody have this set and got the same strange pans or did I get a faulty set?

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  1. The dimensions you describe are the customary dimensions for skillets, which are sized by the outside diameter, or rather the diameter across the top. I just checked my 12" and 10" skillets (not tramontina, but the principle is the same) and their cooking surfaces are 8.5" and 7 " respectively. Can't comment on the finish.

    1. I have the same set and the finish is not "mat", I guess it is a mirror finish because it is shiny compared to my Revereware stainless steel pans. Just polish with Barkeeper's Friend, it is easy to clean. Just remember that it does conduct heat up the sides, so do not use high heat or flame.

      1. I just checked the cooking surface of our Tramontina tri-ply SS skillet and it measures 9-3/4". We also have a SS Cusinart 12" skillet and it also measures 9-3/4". Both have shiny interior surfaces.

        I used to hate washing the crappy nonstick cookware we had a few years ago. I don't seem to mind washing and maintaining the SS cookware we now mostly use. (We still have small, medium, and large nonstick skillets that get used occasionally.)

        1. At TJMaxx I've seen Tramontina pans, some with mirror finish, some with mat. The label mentioned the same triply, though the mat ones felt a bit heavier. But they also had a different handle (all metal).