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Feb 20, 2013 11:18 AM

Reservations at Spring via Email

Just thought I'd share with other non-French speaking travelers to Paris that I was able to make reservations for dinner at Spring this May via an email to the restaurant at the address listed on its website. It was effortless and quick. Too bad I can't make all my Paris dining reservations this way :-(

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  1. Good to hear: I drop by to reserve.

    1. I also reserved by email for May. It was extremely easy and friendly. I also got a Frenchie reservation on La Fourchette, which was wonderful.

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      1. re: tlubow

        OMG. How did you manage Frenchie reservations? I've been watching their website etc and all dates are always grayed out.
        I just checked, and no luck.
        I've given up on them for Dans les Landes for our May Trip.

        On another note, we booked a Marais food tour with Paris by Mouth for May. I thought I was being silly for booking so far ahead. It's already sold out!

        1. re: SaraPA

          I just waited until the day that was 2.5 months out, and the day came up and I booked it. They release the reservations basically one day at a time.

          1. re: SaraPA

            I also tried to get that Paris by mouth tour but there was only one spot available. :(

        2. I did the same for Spring by email and got a response the next day. Can't say the same for Abri. 3 days of calling and no pickup.

          1. Well as of November 1st no more lunch at Spring for the early-bird, geezer-crowd.