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Feb 20, 2013 11:04 AM

rome for one night

my boyfriend and i will be heading to rome for one night (Friday) and are trying to decide where to have dinner -- felice or perilli. I know this has been discussed multiple times on various chowhound posts. However, cacio e pepe was (still is) my FAVORITE dish when i studied in rome 5 years ago.... which is why I am leaning towards da felice. good decision?! has anyone had the cacio e pepe at perilli? is it still as good as i remember at da felice?

furthermore -- we need to be at the airport around 1pm. any ideas where we can grab lunch to bring with us before we go would be greatly appreciated! I would have said frontonis but i am so sad to see that my favorite place in rome has closed :(

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  1. Volpetti, on Via Marmorata, is very convenient to the airport, whether you're going by taxi or by train.

    People get very worked up over Felice, Perilli, and other places in Testaccio. If I had one night in Rome, I wouldn't go to either, but I wouldn't be looking for cacio e pepe either. But assuming you've considered all the angles in arriving at this choice, I would have to say that I would expect the cacio e pepe to be better at Felice, but you would probably have a more relaxing evening at Perilli.

    1. If you read the boards, then you know I'm a big Perilli fan. Love the food,and love the ambiance. Yes, there cacio e pepe is great, but I'm a big fan of their other pastas as well: carbonara, amatriciana and a killer buccatini con sugo di coda alla vacinara.

      Unlike Maureen, if I only had one night in Rome, I'd definitely go to Perilli. But would order the carbonara (but that's just me)

      1. You brought to mind this question ---- can we bring food thru customs, security, and onto plane to eat for trip from Rome back to states? If so, where and what should we pick up?

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          You can't bring liquids through security, or anything resembling a liquid, paste, gel, or the like. But there are no food restrictions per se. The safest thing is panini and fresh fruit. You'll want the panini already made because you can't bring knives through either, except plastic ones. You can also bring olives and stuff like that, but without liquid. Go to Volpetti.