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Feb 20, 2013 10:45 AM

"Roadside Eats Checklist" from Our State Magazine (NC)

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  1. Oh boy. Maybe I'll go on a mission.

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    1. Interesting, but I think they are geography challenged. I adore City Bakery, but to call it a "roadside" stop off 240 is nuts. If I were trying to find "eats" close to the interstate and wound up in the absolute heart of downtown traffic and parking issues going to CB because of this guide, i'd be annoyed.

      Also, the French Fries place in Skyland is nowhere near 240...I guess they mean 26.

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      1. re: danna

        Ya, I was going to say the same thing. And the French Fryz place is not even worth a detour down Long Shoals from 26 (I assume that's what they meant too). I mean it's ok for what it is, but there are a lot of other places I'd go first.

        1. re: Scirocco

          Seriously...French Fryz? Yuk. And City Bakery on Charlotte Street could make sense I suppose, but not the Biltmore Ave location listed. Still wouldn't be my first pick anyways.

      2. Where the heck is New Bern or anything on the coast (save Wilmington) like El's?

        1. Looks like a list that would be over on, with joints rated with 1-5 grease stains! My kind of places.

          1. Why have a pedestrian "sammich" at Dean's Deli when you can go right around the corner get something sublime from Flat Rock Village Bakery?

            Haven't seen this issue, but I'm curious: Did they just mention places that agreed to buy an ad?