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Feb 20, 2013 10:30 AM


Made a trip to Solera on Saturday night (dinner before 'The Book of Mormon', which was awesome...), first time in a few years. No more tapas bar, where I used to semi-frequent for late night happy hour :(

Anyways, quite a few dishes were ordered between me and my two dining companions:

-Beets - OK, they never really wow me, but these were fine.
-Brussel sprouts - Halved, seared, and served with bacon. Very good.
-Piquillo peppers - Filled with goat cheese and garlic butter. Excellent.

-Mussels - Served in a charred fennel/chorizo broth. The mussels themselves were good, then broth is outstanding. This dish requires its own basket of bread.
-Pulpo (Octopus) - Grilled, served with chickpeas. Outstanding flavor, scant portion.

-Lamb stew - More like braised lamb with a rolled slice of cucumber full of sauce. Again, very good flavors.
-Lomo de Cerdo - Far and away the highlight of the meal. Two ~3/4" slices of pork tenderloin, cooked med/med rare. So good, we ordered it twice. Absolutely worth the visit all on its own.

We also got the 3 sorbet tasting for dessert. I can't remember the first one, but the other flavors on offer were red wine pear, and passion fruit with habanero. This was really great. Started sweet and slightly tart and really built some heat. I love that combination so made me yearn for the days of the Red Hot Passion (Maker's Mark + chili-infused passion fruit syrup) at Chamber's.

Anyways, a pretty nice visit. Fun spot for a group to try a bunch of things for a relatively low price. We were stuffed for ~$30 a head.

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  1. Oooh! I had a birthday trip to Solera a few years ago. I think I need to plan another one. Thanks for the review!

    1. Well, seeing as how I also hit up Solera Saturday night before the Book of Mormon (entertaining musical by the way), I suppose it's only appropriate for me to throw in my two cents.

      I've been to Solera a few times now, the last time being ~ a year prior to this trip. Service has always been pretty pokey, but friendly, and this trip was no exception.

      On to the food:

      - Piparra Peppers - Not much different than pickled banana peppers served with aioli. Pretty boring, but only four bucks.
      - Croquettas - Theses change daily, but the one's we had (goat cheese and some chili pepper that escapes me) were quite good.
      - Brussels Sprouts - Agree with BigE above, very tasty.
      - Patatas Bravas - Simple, but very good. Similar to American fries, but with a tasty harissa coating.
      - Prawns PilPil - Messy, but pretty tasty and slightly overcooked.
      - Lamb Stew - Deconstructed, but attractive presentation, the lamb was pretty good. Small portion and presentation make it tough to share.
      - Beef Cheeks - Should be on the menu as Beef Cheek, not cheeks. Still tasty and fork tender, but another dish that is difficult to share.

      Also had a couple glasses of sangria, which while overpriced, is quite good. The complimentary bread they offer is also very good.

      Overall it was a good experience and Solera will certainly still be a place that I'll pop into on occasion (though more likely when the rooftop is open).

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      1. re: mull0263

        We had the beef cheek too...completely forgot about that. We all had to pick off a portion. It was fine, but not great.

      2. We went to the Book of Mormon on Saturday night too (our second time - LOVE!), but we went to Butcher and the Boar instead. However, when we went to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert last month, we stopped into Solera after for a cocktail with friends. If you bring in your playbill, you get a glass of sangria or dessert. For FREE. And I'm a cynical person, so I asked, repeatedly, what the catch was. No catch. You literally don't have to order anything else (although I'm sure the thought is that you will). Hubster got the dessert (and a beer), I got the glass of sangria. Super cheap for an after theater stop.

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          Oh, that's good to know! We were also at Book of Mormon AND Butcher & the Boar on Saturday -- small world. We had dinner beforehand then went back for dessert after the show. A free dessert at Solera would have been even better.