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Feb 20, 2013 09:35 AM

Flaming Grill and Supreme Buffet

Someone I am friends with on Facebook recently posted that they went to this buffet in East Rutherford and that it was pretty good. The person is a chef/cook so I think they know food.

I'm tempted to try it. I was wondering if anyone from Chowhound has been there yet?

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  1. Tried it last week. For what it is, it's very of the best Chinese buffets I've been to in a long time. Is it Chengdu 1, Chengdu 23, or Hunan Taste? No, but I wouldn't expect it to be. And even though it was packed, they were excellent in refilling drinks and taking away plates.

    It's a good 30 minutes away from me, but I will return nevertheless.

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        I think it's like $9.99 for dinner and $6.99 for lunch. Most reviews online are favorable and will maybe go check it out with friends in the next week or two.

        1. re: nizza

          Yeah, it was $9.99 for dinner, plus like 2 bucks for a drink. I can't see them keeping the prices that low though...probably more of a grand opening "introductory" price. Hope not though!

          1. re: neonknight

            I agree that price point is literally about half of what most places around me charge. (Monmouth County) We have some decent Chinese Buffet's that also offer a decent selection of non-Chinese fare as well however the price is about $16.99-$18.99 for dinner. $9.99 is remarkably low.