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Feb 20, 2013 09:18 AM

Manny Rojas - El Tepeyac Founder RIP

I guess after I read that Manny had died I figured someone else would post about it. So, since that didn't happen I figure I'll step up and "be that someone" for this particular paean in praise of Manny. A good man who seemed to be immediately an old friend to whoever came through the doors of his establishment. I did a shot of tequila when I read the news and toasted Manny. Hope you all will do one in his honor as well.

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  1. Manny, and the " Hollenbeck Special. "

    I remember that meal from 25 years ago, when a friend took us there.

    Good people, good food, warm happy place.

    1. RIP Manny! I'm proud to say that I shared a shot with Manny.

      1. When I think of institutions in LA, El Tepeyac has to be one of them. I remember trying to eat my first "Manual's Special"; I could only finish two thirds of it.

        I was just at Guisados Sunday, and there was a small sign at the register that read "El Tepeyac RIP". It didn't occur to me at the time that they were referring to Manny.

        Thanks for posting; It brought back many memories. I don't drink, but here's to Manny.

          1. I shared many a tequilla shot with Manny. He was a real gem and I will miss him tremendously.