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Feb 20, 2013 09:13 AM

New Problems with COTM Sticky

Today I tried get to the current COTM voting thread by going to the Home Cooking Page - the voting thread was not visible so I tried to access through the sticky. However, through my office system which is still running Windows XP and IE8, the links to the threads did not appear.

It seems to me that Chowhound needs to go back to the drawing board to assure that folks can find these very popular features.

this is just the latest of the accessibility issues for these threads

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  1. Just to clarify -- is it that the sticky threads didn't appear? Or that once you'd opened the sticky thread, the links themselves didn't appear?

    I know we have a lot of issues with IE8, and have officially stopped supporting it, but I'm not sure what the specific gaps are, and whether they'd be causing the problems you're experiencing.

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    1. re: Jacquilynne

      I can open the sticky, but the links to the active threads dont appear. The link to the archive does appear. I have no idea whether this problem is IE8 derived or not.

      I sure hope we get back to sticky-ing the active threads up there. It is really hard to know when it is time to participate

      ps - the other think that is happening now, is that my office system logs me out of CH. When I access the system now without logging in, there is no way that I can see or access nested posts except opening each separately. I dont understand at all why this approach was taken and why the view can not be expanded by everybody, easily. You are essentially burying a substantial amount of content for newcomers by these forced settings.


      1. re: jen kalb

        Hi jen kalb.

        So in this post on the stickied COTM thread, you are unable to see/click the linked voting thread, is that correct:

        I'm unable to reproduce that on our end.

        Here's a direct link to the voting thread, which doesn't resolve your original issue but hopefully allows you to vote:

        1. re: DeborahL

          jen, once you can get to the pages, while you're visiting the links consider adding them to your saved discussions folder within your profile. It's easy to "star" the home page of a COTM or HCDM and then get to them each month that way plus you're then saving all the recipe details once the thread itself has slid into the archive.

          1. re: HillJ

            Understood - however, I dont want long lists of bookmarks and "saved" things of which I have too many already - This month I did not see the nomination thread before its was over, and only saw the voting thread because a reference to it was linked on an old post - that computes as unnecessarily bad communication,, a step backward for the site and something that will reduce participation and traffic.

            1. re: jen kalb

              I understand your recommendation for your own use as well as the betterment for all of us enjoying those monthly threads. I was only offering a temp fix for now. My saved threads list is pretty long too but it beats fishing for threads I wish to be aware of or keep until and if the CH Team redesigns it.

          2. re: DeborahL

            thanks for looking at this - I will have to get back to that computer to review. what it actually looks like, since I was unable to figure out how to paste a screen shot, either.

            In The revised sticky on my current view in Google Chrome the voting thread etc are "replies" not a separate sticky (strongly preferred) or second best, a direct link appear in the sticky text - they may have simply not been visible on the screen I was looking at. I will check again when Im back into my office location. thanks again

          3. re: jen kalb

            Hi jen kalb,

            You can expand all the nested posts by clicking on the number of total replies at the top of the thread. You don't need to expand each one individually.

            I hope that helps with one of the issues you're reporting.

            - Shane

            1. re: meshane

              thanks very much for the info but for Gods sake WHY. I will come on site talk and get educated but most site participants, let alone newbies will. I cant imagine a newbie would ever think of that method of expanding the thread any more than they would think of clicking on the curly arrow to see the new posts. So I do hope that the powers that be will go back to a more simplified approach - maybe flip the preference.

          4. re: Jacquilynne

            OK - I have looked at the COTM sticky from the original interface again and see that I was not correct in my statement.

            While there are no "links" as stated in the sticky for the threads, "replies" including links to the threads are visible if I scroll down. This was not evident from my view of the page which is massively affected by corporate interventions and the old IE8 interface. It would be preferable if there actually were :links in this case or if the language was changed so it referenced the replies below instead.

            I still think that the info is buried to a degree that seriously reduces access and participation in these threads (as mentioned elsewhere) but this particular complaint was a little off base. Thanks for taking me seriously, anyway.