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Choose dinner for me

Tonight I am eating alone. Have freezer full of food and don't know that to have. Frankly I am tired of deciding. I will Eat whatever gets the most votes. All the food is homemade. Most is cooked.
So fellow hounds please choose my dinner for me.
I have
Red Meat sauce for pasta
Split pea soup
French onion soup
Hamburgers not cooked
Left over pork roast
Chicken and dumplings
Chicken Marsala.

So what will I have?

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  1. If the chicks and dumps are righteous and copious, that's where I'd go.

    But there are lots of good options there.

    1. Chicken Marsala is speaking to me.

      1. I'd hit the pork roast and go Cuban with ham, swiss, mustard, pickles and make a grilled/pressed Cubano.

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        1. Sounds good, I did not think of that. Have plenty of cheeses but no Swiss. But still will eat what gets the most votes.

            1. What are you gonna do if there's a tie? Flip a beef medalion?

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              1. re: Perilagu Khan

                I guess I could, I do have the burgers!

              2. I say shred the pork roast and add it to the split pea soup,

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                1. re: Paprikaboy

                  +1 to paprikaboy. Pop that pork in a frying pan, first, with a bit o butter to make it nice and brown and lovely.

                2. Tamales with the red meat sauce on top

                  1. What kind o' tamales you got? Hormel? Pedro's? Homemade? Something that a street-corner abuelita sold you from a cooler?

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                    1. re: Perilagu Khan

                      They are homemade by a Guatemalan lady. I have both chicken and pork. I buy 10-20 of them at a time when I can.

                      1. re: SimonSaysWoof

                        These sound good. I say you should have two of each for dinner.

                      1. Oh gracious, the French onion soup and can I come? I'll bring bread and a salad.

                        1. I will need to stop the voting in 25 minutes. 6:45 pm eastern time. In case of a tie I will flip the burger to decide.

                          1. Roast pork it is. Thanks all, that was fun.

                            1. I used the pork andI made a cubano sandwich I used a portugese roll and added plenty of spicy mustard. It was very good. Thanks for the help!

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                              1. re: SimonSaysWoof

                                Glad you enjoyed the dinner. Now on to the chicks and dumps. If not, put 'em in a padded mailer and send 'em the Khan's way.

                                1. re: Perilagu Khan

                                  The chicken and dumplings have a strong possibility of being dinner tonight.

                                  1. re: SimonSaysWoof

                                    all this talk of chicken and dumplings gave me a craving... and it's the soup in our cafeteria at work tomorrow! ::happy dance::