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Feb 20, 2013 09:03 AM

Birthday dinner suggestions now that Bahooka is booked?

So we wanted to go to Bahooka for a birthday dinner this weekend - a bit of a drive from Los Feliz but worth it for the experience - fun drinks, not too pricey, could handle a larger party - but they're utterly booked since the place is (alas!) closing down.

Now we're racking our brains for somewhere else to take its place.

Anybody have a fave place to suggest? Not too pricey - get out of there for maybe $20-25 a person - drinks available or near a fun bar for afterwards - can accommodate maybe 15-20 people - bonus points for being a culinary excursion.

Thoughts included Polka (too small) - Guelaguetza - Damon's in Glendale (tiki sub-in).

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  1. BTW, the $20 price goal does not include the booze - it's just some friends are super-broke these days and we won't split the bill evenly...

    1. What about Taix? Would that work?

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        That's a good idea! They have the lounge or other bars nearby for hopping.

        1. re: mmm3000

          Taix may be able to give you a private room and work out a deal for the meal. The bar room is fully stocked and looks like fun.

      2. Gardens of Taxco

        Tokyo Elves