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Feb 20, 2013 08:52 AM

Where to buy pretzel salt?

I've been on this quest for over a year now - I'm looking for the round, puffy salt balls that come on a soft pretzel. Do you know what I mean? I've ordered from a couple different places, but what I get always ends up being kosher or sea salt. One store on Amazon sold me 8 ounces of kosher salt for $8, calling it pretzel salt. (Refund please!) I've tried restaurant supply stores, concessions stores, and all the interwebs, but no luck - can anyone help me?

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  1. It is apparently only produced/sold by Morton, label Rock Pretzel salt. It does not appear to be available for retail sale.

      1. I made pretzel rolls recently and I used some coarse sea salt. It worked great.


          It looks like King Arthur carried it at some point, but it's listed as out of stock right now. However, I don't see any reviews after 2011, so maybe they quit. You might want to call.

          1. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Looks like I may be able to find some at last! I just don't like the sea salt or kosher salt for pretzels. I wonder why this is so hard to find?