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Feb 20, 2013 08:16 AM

Monkfish in Baltimore?

Anyone know where I find a whole monkfish, or at least a broken down monkfish in Baltimore? I don't want anything prepared here.

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  1. I'm not sure if they sell to the public, but i have gotten whole and broken down monkfish before from Martin Seafood Co in Jessup
    (410) 799-5822
    If they do, and you go there, hit R&R Taqueria on Rt 1 in the Shell gas station for the best tacos in the world

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    1. re: noahblake

      Hey thanks for that recommendation. I just called and they will in fact sell to anyone. You just have to pick it up before 9AM.

      And I've been to R&R... Pretty solid.

      1. re: hotel

        When you go there, ask for Kirby and tell him Blake referred you via chow
        He's my cousin, and he'll get a kick out of it

    2. Hmart usually has on the weekends

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      1. re: fishymd

        I've bought from them and Lotte Plaza too. Usually they will sell the heads and the body separately (at different prices). I've found out that the heads at Hmart are more meaty than Lotte.