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Feb 20, 2013 07:24 AM

unable to post, difficulties browsing from Google Chrome

I've recently started using Chrome at work, and noticed some issues when attempting to post to or browse Chowhounds boards.

replying to an existing thread - the Post button is active, but does nothing. same with starting a new thread.

browsing - boards or topics. I find that clicking the name or topic link does not work, however changing the URL will bring up the topic or board.

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  1. That's not normal behavior for a Chrome user to see -- I use Chrome as my primary browser, and so do quite a few other members.

    Is it possible you have a script blocker or some other extension on Chrome that's messing with the way the site functions? You can try starting Chrome in Incognito mode to disable some of your extensions and see if that makes a difference to whether those functions work.

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