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Where to find Dr. Brown's Cel-ray Tonic

Hi all,

I recently went to NJ and was reminded of the deliciousness of Dr. Brown's Cel-ray Tonic. I know I have seen it sold once or twice by the can, but does anyone know where I might be able to buy a six pack of it? Are there any groceries that might sell it?



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  1. only thing to drink with a pastrami sandwich. good luck finding! If you are going to pile cheese, dressing slaw on that sandwich don't even bother with the cel-ray which was invented specifically for pastrami on rye, corn beef on rye w deli mustard, pickle on the side, sour green tomato even better

    1. Of course there's something special about having the real deal - especially for a well-loved nostalgia product like Cel-Ray - but if you can't find it, celery soda is remarkably easy to make: boil 1:1 sugar/water to make simple syrup; steep celery seeds in it; strain. Good eats has a solid recipe. (Celery seeds can be found at Penzey's for sure, but probably Christina's as well.)

      1. "I don't always drink soda. In fact, I almost never drink soda. But when I do..."

        I think the last place I bought some at retail was the Whole Foods on River Street in Cambridgeport. I believe my local Foodies Urban Market in the South End also carries it. It's not super-difficult to find. And I agree with lastZZ about that food/drink pairing.


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          "I don't always drink soda. In fact, I almost never drink soda. But when I do..."

          Same here. Root beer a few times a year. The usual craptastic soda is "belly-wash" its only purpose being to wash your stomach contents downward and eventually out

          Cel-Ray once in a while when it collides with the proper pastrami sandwich

        2. I think I've seen it at Russo's in Watertown. Not a grocerie but Barry's Deli in Waban has it. Might be worth checking the market next to Barry's......

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            Russo's does carry it by the can.

          2. The Butcherie in Brookline (also carry Dr. Brown's cream and black cherry).

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              was at the butcherie today (it's hamentaschen time) - no Dr. Brown Cel-Ray!!! Don't know if it is because they are getting Pesach-ready - I asked but got a vague answr - they still had creme, black cherry and root beer, but no Cel-Ray. Grrr.....

            2. Star Market in Packards Corner carries Cel-Ray and Root Beer by the six-pack. Look in the Kosher section. During Passover, they also carry the Black Cherry and Cream Soda, so stock up now.

              1. Pemberton Market in N. Cambridge has had it.

                  1. Saw it today at the Natick Stop & Shop. $5.99/6pk

                    1. Stop & Shop in Methuen in the "Jewish" foods section of the ethnic food aisle.

                      1. I think Larry Levine's Kosher Meat Market in Peabody carries it.