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Feb 20, 2013 05:42 AM

Where to find Dr. Brown's Cel-ray Tonic

Hi all,

I recently went to NJ and was reminded of the deliciousness of Dr. Brown's Cel-ray Tonic. I know I have seen it sold once or twice by the can, but does anyone know where I might be able to buy a six pack of it? Are there any groceries that might sell it?



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  1. only thing to drink with a pastrami sandwich. good luck finding! If you are going to pile cheese, dressing slaw on that sandwich don't even bother with the cel-ray which was invented specifically for pastrami on rye, corn beef on rye w deli mustard, pickle on the side, sour green tomato even better

    1. Of course there's something special about having the real deal - especially for a well-loved nostalgia product like Cel-Ray - but if you can't find it, celery soda is remarkably easy to make: boil 1:1 sugar/water to make simple syrup; steep celery seeds in it; strain. Good eats has a solid recipe. (Celery seeds can be found at Penzey's for sure, but probably Christina's as well.)

      1. "I don't always drink soda. In fact, I almost never drink soda. But when I do..."

        I think the last place I bought some at retail was the Whole Foods on River Street in Cambridgeport. I believe my local Foodies Urban Market in the South End also carries it. It's not super-difficult to find. And I agree with lastZZ about that food/drink pairing.

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          "I don't always drink soda. In fact, I almost never drink soda. But when I do..."

          Same here. Root beer a few times a year. The usual craptastic soda is "belly-wash" its only purpose being to wash your stomach contents downward and eventually out

          Cel-Ray once in a while when it collides with the proper pastrami sandwich

        2. I think I've seen it at Russo's in Watertown. Not a grocerie but Barry's Deli in Waban has it. Might be worth checking the market next to Barry's......

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            Russo's does carry it by the can.

          2. The Butcherie in Brookline (also carry Dr. Brown's cream and black cherry).

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              was at the butcherie today (it's hamentaschen time) - no Dr. Brown Cel-Ray!!! Don't know if it is because they are getting Pesach-ready - I asked but got a vague answr - they still had creme, black cherry and root beer, but no Cel-Ray. Grrr.....