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Just moved to Kingston and need help.......

  • jaynel Feb 20, 2013 04:31 AM
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Just moved to Kingston from Montreal and so far am loving it! However, I would really like to find a good Asian food store that would hopefully carry young coconuts etc....Also, I would love to find somewhere that I could buy sausage casings.....thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help me :)

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  1. Most butcher shops will carry sausage casings. In KTown you could try The Pig & Olive at 1689 Bath Rd. They make sausages so should have some available. There is also The Block and Cleaver off Market Square downtown.

    For asian markets there us the aptly named Asian Market at 354 Princess Street. Good selection of south and southeast asian stuff including spices, rice and other products

    1. Hi Jaynel,

      Welcome to Kingston, the land of overpriced food and not-so-fresh fish. Hahaha

      I'm a student at Queen's and so far I've only discovered two Asian grocery stores. There is the one Smokinator mentioned on 354 Princess Street. There is also one a few blocks away (totally walkable), on 455 Princess Street, called Dat Lee & Hong.

      As for casings, I'm not so sure. You could try John's Deli on 507 Princess Street. I think they do their own sausages, I'm not entirely sure though.