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Feb 19, 2013 11:27 PM

South side of Kauai

Looking for food in and around Poipu next week. I'll be with a group of people who live to eat and are happy to go off the tourist trail. Or stay firmly on it. Anything for good food. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

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  1. E, Papuli, Aloha:

    Just search Kauai (and Kaua'i) on this board, and you'll find lots of info.


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      Oh, I did! Thought there might be more jewels not yet mentioned, especially less touristy spots, but it's a good start. Thanks!

    2. We are in Kauai right now, leaving tomorrow. We have found some OK restaurants, nothing over the top but certainly worth trying. We are staying at Koa Kea resort and the restaurant here, Red Salt, is quite good. Expensive but good. Salads are large, large enough to share, and entrees are creative and well prepared and presented. One fun food experience this week was the "Culinary Market" in the "Shops at Kukuilula. There is a farmer selling macadamia nuts in the shell, a phenomenal pie vendor, and many other fun offerings. For breakfast you may want to try Kalaheo Cafe and Coffee Co in Kalaheo. I had the Eggs Bene, very good. Merrimans downstairs has a great burger and an interesting salad made with Russian kale, black rice, dried cranberries and walnuts. Puka Dogs are fun, you will find this hole in the wall hot dog stand in the Poipu Shopping Village right next to a great gelato shop.
      Hope you have better weather than we have...there has been gale force winds and a quite a bit of rain.

      1. Josselin's Tapas Bar and Grill.

        Jean Marie is really the one to beat on Kauai.

        1. Though one might have to dig a bit, I did a post, that included Poipu, Kaua`i some years back - "The Tale of Two Entrees," that might offer some suggestions. Unfortunately, that trip might also be too old to be helpful today.

          As has been mentioned, Chef Josselin has been a favorite of ours, but had not gotten open on our last visit. His A Pacific Cafe was wonderful, in Kapa`a. I hear good things about his new endeavor.

          Travel safely,